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Grundfos PACOpaQ™ - Grundfos designs and manufactures packaged systems to meet your pumping needs. Our standard PACOpaQ™ is designed with 2, 3, or 4 pumps with pipe headers and supports mounted on a common base frame and includes all the necessary VFDs, fittings, single-point power and control panel. We offer a complete range of end suction and in-line vertical PACO pumps. PACO’s innovative designs and intensive engineering efforts translate into lower initial cost, longer pump life, reduced operating and maintenance costs, maximum efficiency and reliability, and quieter operation for the end user.

End Suction, Frame Mounted, Integrated VFD, LFE, (PC21) Grundfos Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ systems are made to very high standards. Thanks to the CU 352 controller, they handle even the most difficult pumping applications with ease and accuracy.

All components have been combined with focus on quality and efficiency. The Grundfos Hydro MPC integrated pumping systems are designed to last: sturdy, compact units with easy access to all service parts. Grundfos Hydro MPC pump systems can be used in a wide array of different applications including pressure boosting, municipal water transfer, industrial process, HVAC and many other variable flow requirement applications designed to meet specific customer demands for capacity and control.

The intelligent cascade control ensures that the optimum number of pumps required to meet the demand runs at any time. Together with CR pumps, this makes the Hydro MPC the most energy-efficient solution for pumping applications with changing flow demands.

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